mark fell





18 x 16 pixels and 20 x 8 sine waves

installation @ sonar 2008, Centre díArt Santa MÚnica, barcelona

<photo by mat steel>

16 led lighting fixtures and 8 audio monitors placed in a circle controlled with generative process. a short performance version of the work was staged six times over the course of the installation. this piece was a development of a piece shown at the algorithm stage at glade 2007. the name of the work is derived from the fact that each speaker has 20 sine waves and each light is made of 18 pixels.

video clip (note this clip is when i was doing a setup test. normally it has much slower bits in it!)

"These pieces use LED lighting to illuminate a space with saturated colour, accompanied by intense computer generated sound which is projected from 8 loudspeakers, each speaker producing a different but related harmonic that combine to create a complex soundfield. Sound and light changes are sychronised; always tightly connected to each other. Pure and intense sounds form in the space where the outputs from each speaker collide, placing the listener in the centre of the work. Fell's initial intentions to explore how sound and light combinations affect us - to bypass an aesthetic experience and produce a physical/ neurological one - ultimately form a highly aestheticised approach."

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