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released on raster noton feb 25th 2009

(photos by mat steel)

96k 24bit versions of atavism on sd card.

(sd card photo courtesy of raster noton)

indicative review

Not quite sure where the descriptor “Atavism” springs from, but the music seems anything but. It’s been awhile now since we’ve all realized that electronic music can imitate tribal rhythms and in fact surpass them in technical efficiency. However, this is less than convincing. Atavistic? I’m not sure in what sense they mean. Who gives a fuck?

I’ll never bring up “talent” in a review, and if there’s as an electronic act that deserves its due cheese, then I’ll serve it up to them on a shiny black stiletto, but I couldn’t be more bored at what I’m hearing here. Hey…I know they’ll say “I don’t get it,” and maybe I don’t, but seriously, if I could imagine the mathematical calculus of my jerking snorts of pearl ejaculations and put them down in Cubase I’d be more enthused. Sorry, but not convinced.

When you do something other than use prefab mathematics to make your so-called music, then maybe I’ll give half a goat’s fuck. Until then, dance your robotic hearts away. 2/10 -- P. Somniferum (22 July, 2009)see

(atavism featured in the end of year charts for 2009 at boomkat, bleep and the wire magazine.)

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