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attack on silence

computer generated film with multi-channel sound screended @ POV wanchai

the series draws upon ideas from sacred geometry, the role of sound and colour to engender meditative states and the technology of psycho-physiological control. whilst experiencing the works, the audience member is unclear of the nature of their response: are they engaged in some kind of spiritual release or intrusive technological intervention?

"We’re reminded of the physical affects, suggested in Tibetan Buddhist teachings, that different frequencies of vibration can have on the body; Yogic concentration exercises which play out in mental imaginings of black ovals, silver crescents and blue disks (encountered by Fell in Alistair Crowley’s texts Eight lectures on Yoga (1939)); the Anti-Group’s Meontological research recordings (1987) intended to speak directly to the central nervous system; evocations of the mind lock from George Lucas’ 1971 film THX1138 or similar science fictions about mental control through the use of sound." tony myatt 2008

the first public showing of this was at POV in hong kong on the 4th of january 2008. an event curated by mat steel and sunshine wong.


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