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biosphere, does music affect plants, sheffield winter gardens 2007

commissioned for lovebytes 2007

The acclaimed Norwegian composer Biosphere (Geir Jenssen) brings his environmental ambience to Sheffield's Winter Garden. In a newly commissioned work he will convert Europe's largest urban glasshouse into a laboratory of sound. Merging themes that occur throughout his work - of science, sound and the environment - Biosphere explores the intriguing interrelationship between music and nature.

As night falls the Garden's 2,000 plants will be bathed in specially developed compositions, saturating the space in a unique blend of field recordings and electronics sourced from many differing environments and musical traditions. It promises to be a fascinating experience for humans as well as plants in dramatic and atmospheric surroundings. Norwegian sound artist Geir Jenssen's career spans almost two decades, incorporating multiple albums, installations, film soundtracks, and special commissions. As Biosphere, Jenssen is a veritable institution within the electronica field, carefully crafting a world-wide reputation as an influential and genre defining 'ambient' music composer. Jenssen's relationship with nature is a key element in his work, often combining field recordings [real environmental sounds] with subtle electronics for engaging and organic effect.

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