mark fell





factoid #3

computer, high power strobe, mono, stereo or three channel sound, balloon.

video clip from baltic here

video clip from amsterdam NIMK 2012 here

Philosophy has asked about the linkage between the structure of consciousness and the structure of now, yet it has left sound out of this question. How does sound contribute to this linkage? Consider for example the repetitive temporal structures present in techno musics, or the prolonged tones of Tibetan music ñ some rather primary relationships between time, consciousness and sound could be imagined. Informed by recent studies in the psychopathology of time, Fellís intense and confrontational installation Factoid #3 promotes a destabilized association between time, the self and sound. Here phenomenological emphases on flow, linearity, and the present as embedded in both the previous and the imminent are rejected in favour of disassociated suprasequential nows. This work contains extremely bright flashing light, high intensity sound and generative temporal structures. You are asked not to enter the space if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

shown at matter space motion, hive gallery elsecar 2010; toxic ambience, rotherham 2010; coherence and proximity 2010, london; sonic acts, amsterdam 2012.

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