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head office transformation

third part of a split cassette series with evol (Roc Jiménez de Cisneros) on alku records, barcelona, in black and white plastic.

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I was watching my daughter play on Guitar Hero with her headphones, all I could hear was the clicking of the buttons as she played. She, on the other hand, was have a very different experience. I made a recording of the sound of the button pushing which lasted about 30 minutes. Following this I implemented a simple system to analyze the sound file and give me a list of all the timings of the button pushes. This was then used to trigger a kick drum sound and lush chord generated using 4 operator fm synthesis. For me the music made outside the headphones, the skeleton of the guitar hero performance was far more interesting than the illusion of skill and performance it offered to the player - a more interesting head space transformation.

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