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Showroon Cinema, Sheffield, 26th April 2010. as part of Sensoria 2010.

photo by mat steel

A programme of computer-generated, screen-based artworks exploring the relationships between sound, image and extreme temporality. I performed a high-definition (2048x1080) with 8.2 surround sound 96kHz 24bit 'radial' version of attack on silence lasting 50 minutes.

view except here ... (note this is a lower resolution compressed image with two channel sound 44.1kHz 16 bit)

still from projection @ 2048x1080p. NB. this image has some jpeg compression artefacts. see


Three artists working with computational processes present a programme of works exploring exceptionally close correlations between digital sound synthesis, colour, geometry and time. The works performed and presented here demonstrate a preoccupation with the interplay of hypostasis and instability, intentionality and uncertainty, experience and understanding, played out within an extreme temporal field. With an introductory talk by the eminent computer artist and theorist Ernest Edmonds - one of the first artists to explore the unique opportunities made possible with computer systems in contemporary art.

Ernest Edmonds, presentation. Edmonds will give a short lecture addressing issues of image-sound correspondence and the role these play in contemporary creative computational practices. Followed by Edmonds and Fell, performance. “DC release” is a collaborative work featuring synthetic sound, colour projection, and a series of increasingly complex generative systems. This piece premiered at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC in 2007 as part of the Colourfield Remix Exhibition.

video of this performance here:

Mark Fell, performance. “Attack on Silence” is a series of works exploring sacred geometries, sound as a tool for meditative practices, technologies of mind control, and neuro-aesthetics. Presented internationally as performance, installation, screening, print and DVD; Attack on Silence was hailed as “a minor masterpiece”...“a beautiful work - provocative in all its simplicity” and “a sample of serious borderline activity”.

Theo Burt, performance. “Colour Projections” is a computer-based audio and video work creating precise relationships between sound and geometry. Through a progression of geometric systems, rules are established and shapes are created, intersected, combined and destroyed. Each resulting shape is both drawn and sonified.

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note: The word ISOMORPHISM derives from the Greek iso, meaning "equal," and morphosis, meaning "to form" or "to shape."

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