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microtonal house chords

a series of works for multiple speakers with mathematical transformations of the frequency relationships found in a series of notes used on the sensate focus record series.

(the following frequencies were used: 130.81279hz, 155.563492hz, 195.997711hz, 233.081879hz, 293.664764hz and 349.228241hz. 130.81279 was subtracted from the above values to give the following values: 0, 24.750702, 65.184921, 102.269089, 162.851974 and 218.415451.)

the first session:

second session:

Microtonal house chord, Boston 2012

The differences between the fundamental frequencies of 8 pitches forming a chord were taken. These values are offset and scaled over a period of four hours to generate moving frequencies for 8 new tones. Initially, the gaps between each generated tone are 16 times wider than those between pitches in the original chord. Over the four hours these are compressed to be 5 times narrower than the original. An offset is added to each frequency beginning at 1Hz and gradually increasing so that by the end of the work, a narrowband chord beginning at 260Hz has been formed. The original fundamental frequencies are: 130.81279 155.563492 195.997711 233.081879 293.664764 349.228241 523.25116 783.990845

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