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multistability cd, raster noton, chemnitz 2010, cgi courtesy of the boomkat mailout

photo by japanese forms

some comments:

"experiments whose side-effects just happen to be the most extreme and stripped examples of digital funk imaginable" boomkat

Mark Fell weiß das. Seine Musik ist geprägt vom reinen Glanz der Rationalität.

"completely mindblowing" **** uncut

"Un peu longuet par contre." François Couture

"I chucked this onto my ipod and went for a stroll to the local shops and then almost got hit by a car because the audio had me in a weird trance."

"Listening to this outside on headphones, I've actually found it difficult to walk in a straight line; the bushes and gutters of North London are not safe when I'm listening to this... Multistability is the sort of album which is released in late November to make those publications which have already compiled their best of the year lists (not guilty, thankfully) look absolutely ridiculous."

"it is boring and it is rubbish" anon


"eine radikale, stotternde Dekonstruktion chromblitzenden House-Sounds in klinisch staubfreiem Labor, aus Drumpreset- und FM-Synthese-Umschichtungen, sequenziert von Aliens." debug, chart position #1 record of the month.

debug - unsere platten des jahres 2010

"...some truly lush sounds as the claps and beats frantically lose their mind. As the piece progresses, you realize that all the chaos he throws over that lush sound won’t faze it in the least."

NOTE raster noton are selling the cd with a limited edition inside-out-cut 7" ONLY available from raster noton.

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