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music of the eternal now: post-husserlian temporality, pattern cyclic time-consciousness and computer music

video, 23m 23s. shot on hailuoto island, finland 2013

"Music Of The Eternal Now: Post-Husserlian Temporality, Pattern Cyclic Time-Consciousness And Computer Music" is a silent film by British artist Mark Fell. Shot entirely on the remote Finnish island Hailuoto, it interweaves Fell’s critical writing with the island’s frozen, inert and haunting landscapes. As a meditation on time and music placed within a space that is both motionless and silent (a place without time and music), the work’s central dichotomy parodies how music is defined as timeless, universal or spiritual. The film opens with a rejection of Varèse’s remark that “music is organised sound”. In place of this it asks us consider the context dependant functionalities of music as opposed to a singular abstracted form. Drawing from anthropology, philosophy and computer music software the work presents a compelling analysis of the temporal mechanics of musical and technical systems."   

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