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office workshops hong kong 2007 lai chi kok

these ran in conjunction with the max workshops which happened the day before.

here each participant was asked to wear an orange boiler suit and a black hood covering their head. each person had a different name badge such as "receptionist", "manager" etc. they were asked to enter the space (which they had not seen) and given tasks such as writing a memo, having a business meeting and so on.

towards the end of the workshop, which lasted three hours, my friend erkka nissinen who worked with me on this workshop entered the space. he wore an orange boiler suit and a blond wig. his name badge read "death".

he called the participants around him to join a movement workshop. he instructed the group to remove their boiler suits (underneath which were white suits). after various abstract movement exercises he asked the group to become a stone, then a foetus. as they remained totally still and silent he walked among them taking photos using a hassleblad medium format camera.

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