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oglon day

Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi

Boomkat Product Review:

The lithe, picky pointillism of ‘Oglon Day’ kicks off a promising quartet project between luminaries of the avant-garde and experimental music

On their debut release, we hear Oren Ambarchi nimbly synch with Mark Fell’s skittish bass drum patterning, while Aussie percussionist Will Guthrie adds a sizzling freeness on his kit, and we presume that Montreal scene lynchpin Sam Shalabi adds the shimmering micro-tonal colour on guitar.

The result on the A-side is a sort of krautrock-techno-jazz jam that feels like a more plugged in and unfeasibly tight answer to The Necks, or an MvO Trio performance where Tony Allen has electrodes rigged to his tendons and some cheeky blert spiked their sparkling water before they got in the studio. ‘Ogle Day 2’ then reminds of the pointillist precision of Kukangendai, whom Mark Fell has previously remixed, with a more tensile contrast to day 1 that’s only diffused thru Guthrie’s effervescent hi-hats and when Shalabi pipes up to smooth off the angles.

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