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40 speaker sound installation commisioned for the great exhibition of the north by sage gateshead

protomusic#1 is a sound installation that uses acoustic instruments and performers to replicate environmental sounds submitted by the public. from about 300 submissions around 30 environmental recordings were selected and recreated. these were then distributed around the sage's interior concourse.


  • sandro mussida orchestrator
  • markus noisternig software developer
  • rian treanor production assistant
  • peter worth app developer


  • ann alexander, voice
  • anne ramsay, northumbrian pipes
  • bradley creswick, violin
  • chris gardiner, mandolin
  • clare salaman, hurdy gurdy, tromba marina, nyckelharpa
  • daniel hammersley, cello
  • dave gray, mellodian
  • david henery, acoustic guitar
  • david potts, ukulele, piccolo ukulele, taropatch
  • deb altman, clarinet
  • elisabeth coudoux, cello
  • jan hendrikse, moldavian kaval, fujara, arghoul, native american flute, pungi/been
  • joo dias, sixxen
  • karl dsilva, alto sax
  • lizzie lowe, steel pan
  • marion craig, trumpet
  • mark fell, cuica
  • miquel berna, sixxen
  • natalie reid, clogs
  • nigel cox, trombone
  • okkyung lee, cello
  • pedro oliveira, sixxen
  • peter francomb, french horn
  • rhodri davis, harp
  • rosh landa, harmonium, tumbi, tabla
  • ryan breen, tuba
  • sam partridge, bassoon, uillean pipes, whistles, irish flute, concertina
  • sandro mussida, piano
  • saulo giovannini, sixxen
  • sian hicks, contrabass
  • simon allen, prepared korean gayageum, bowed springs, sasara, kokiriko, navajo medicine rattles, hanging metal objects
  • steven hudson, oboe
  • stuart eminson, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • tom didlock, bodhrn, snare drum, cymbals
  • trevor wilkinson, tenor horn
  • vince taylor, contrabass
  • will guthrie, floor tom, cymbals, bells

thanks to institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique (ircam), paul modler at hochschule fr gestaltung karlsruhe, and chris watson for ambisonic documentation

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