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seven facts in logical space.

24 channel sound performance featuring katherine young on bassoon. commissioned by Lampo for The Chicago Architecture Biennial. performed at Chicago Cultural Center 2017.

Mark Fell premieres Seven Facts in Logical Space—his new multichannel project for Lampo and the Chicago Architecture Biennial. The piece features 24 speakers positioned around Preston Bradley Hall, placing electronic sound in dialogue with the acoustic and architectural space.

Conceived as a sonic framework for Chicago bassoonist and improviser Katherine Young, the piece develops Fell’s concern with the spatial distribution of synthetic sound in response to the architectural environment and the interplay of geometries. Fell describes Seven Facts in Logical Space in terms of the relationships between shapes and textures, between the oblique network of synthetic lines and the visceral, organic pacing of Young’s turbulent acoustic timbres.

In contrast to many spatial pieces, the work does not employ any surround-sound systems to create the appearance of sonic movement around the space and audience. The UK composer uses “concrete” approaches to the treatment of sonic and musical space that reject illusion and decoration in favor of the objective presence of material form.

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