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Three Neurocognitive Approaches To The Formation Of Cross-Modal Objecthood

an evening of multi-sensory computer music. rotherham town centre, old market building, 7pm on the 16th december 2009. performances by mark fell, evol and joe gilmore.

The event took place in a new shop unit. This was a very large concrete space which was surrounded on three sides by glass. Eight high intensity speakers were placed in 'random' positions, and eighteen LED lighting fixtures were placed in a large curve on the floor of the space.

An edited recording of Fell's performance is here: recording

Old Market Building, Domine Lane, Rotherham Town Centre, S60 1QA.

Mark performed:

3 sinewaves shaped with a variable chebyshev transfer function positioned in a sphere using third order bformat ambisonics, auto azimuth displacement at audio rate from phasor, decoded to 8 speakers in circular layout and synchronized rotation of hand-drawn colour curves (also performed by felix fell-andrews)

160 manually and algorithmically interpolated sine waves with hand-drawn colour curves

here is a video of this piece

8 rectangular waveforms with variable pulse width and pitch modulation, blue light with brightness locked to the phase of pitch modulators

photo by Tom Knapp

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