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yasunao tone 495,63

commissioned for lovebytes 2007, sheffield city libraries

Photo by Ian beaks

One of the first artists to explore action in art and music, Yasunao Tone is a prolific member of the Fluxus group of artists (formed in Tokyo and New York in the 1960's) concentrating on theories of language (such as early Chinese poetry), and processes (such as encoding systems and error correction protocols of digital formats). His recent works have explored the relationship between pictoral alphabets and sound in an attempt to undermine western representational, technological and musical frameworks. For this new commission Yasunao was asked to consider and examine theories concerning organisation of information storage and archives and develop a performative/sound based response. With 8 channels of audio, four screens of video projection, and a book of Chinese calligraphy selected from the library - reference number 495,63, which forms the title of the work - Yasunao will sit within the space transcribing calligraphic characters from the book on a graphics tablet into a network of computers, transforming original sound files into something totally different and filling the space with highly abstract electronic tones.

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