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coherence and proximity

solo exhibition at the woodmill south london 3 - 19 dec 2010. featuring four installations using sound, movement and image.

room 1

Rotating CD player and iPod shuffle with perpetually ascending pitch. photo by Michael Heilgemeir

listen to audio extract

room 2

Five rectangular oscillators, RGB monitor, hue and frequency determined by five low frequency sinusoidal waves subject to speed variation and phase offsets.

room 3

Two channel Chebyshev polynomial, modified Bessel function, phase distortion and the csound gen9 function sonified in left and right speakers and plotted on an airmec orange phosphor oscilloscope. (Modified Bessel function courtesy of Peter Worth and Theo Burt, phase distortion implementation courtesy of Oliver Larkin, Airmec oscilloscope courtesy of Joe Gilmore.)

room 4

Rectangular, triangular and sinusoidal waveshapes at audio rate with synchronized volume and frequency envelopes; martin 3000 strobe light, orange balloon and fan. photo by Michael Heilgemeir

(extremal diy ethos serigraph, silver paper 707 x 500 mm, edition of 50, available at the gallery reception or email richard sides -

as part of the closing event of the woodmill exhibition a limited edition cd was produced. 25 copies, cdr in coloured clamshell case and features an hour long out-take from the multistability studio sessions. see shamanic bear session


thanks to Jasiek Mischke, Jack Lavender, Angharad Williams, Thorbjorn Andersen, Flore Nove-Josserand and Richard Sides.

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