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coming of age in south yorkshire, earational festival, den bosch 2004.

this was a two screen video projection with each screen situated at opposite ends of the gallery. on each screen was the same shot taken from a block of flats overlooking sheffield city centre. i shot an hour of sunset and an hour of sunrise. and projected these on the opposite screens. so that over the duration of the work the light shifted from one side of the gallery to the other. the audience stood in the middle and i did a live mix of reproduction from an area behind one of the screens. it was interesting that the change from night to daylight only took about 30 minutes or so, there was a very short time in the middle of the transision where the light balanced and this lasted about 2 minutes.

still from a split screen version of the piece. watch clip

some stills from the performance:

me shooting the sunrise

thanks to bob baker for letting me use his flat.

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