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secular musics of south yorkshire

i took 'reproduction' by the human league and reconstructed each track. each track was used to make a new piece of the same name and of exactly the same length. but each result is totally unrecognizable. the project was released under the pseudonym 'secular musics of south yorkshire'. south yorkshire, the region in which sheffield is situated. i never had any direct feedback from the group about this work. but a friend of mine who knows phil oakey bumped into him in a bar and told him and he replied he wasnt bothered about any legal issues.

the original sleeve was an image of people standing on a cracked sheet of glass over the image of babies. my cover was an image of plant cells dividing under a microscope. i rephotographed this off my computer monitor.

i did a few live versions of the work. one was shown at 'earrational festival' in den bosch. see coming of age in south yorkshire.

a review

Mark Fell has set about reinterpreting the music anew, and as you'd expect it's a thrilling ride.Fell has force-fed the source material with his own skewed agenda, 'Almost Medieval', 'Blind Youth' and 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' errupt through a wonderful minimal, glitchy sieve that has a personality all of its own. Wildly inventive and utterly compelling, Fell has managed to resurrect the spirit of the Steel City in a way that doesn't include over priced coffee and Bauhaus-lite apartment blocks. Quite an achievement. (

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