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shamanic bear session mp3 version

last year i made a limited edition of cd called shamanic bear session. these were made to accompany and help fund my exhibition at the woodmill artspace in london. this was an hour long out take from the recording sessions for my multistability album. these sold out quickly and i have been getting many emails asking if it's possible to get a copy.

yesterday someone from japan contacted me to see if was possible to get a copy. after so many emails from people i decided to upload an mp3 for him.

this morning i turned on my computer to find the file and make one or two minor edits - basically remove some chord changes which i left in the original cd version but did not actually like. but i could not find the original audio file so opened the midi version of this. after removing the chords i could not resist changing the sound a little bit. the high sequence now has portamento enabled. and as an indication as to which version the listener is listening to, there are two extra notes in the sequence at the beginning of the piece.

i have decided to share this version with a few other people as i prefer it. i hope to release this and other extended versions and out-takes from my multistability project on an sd card in the near future.

coincidentally, takahiro is celebrating his birthday today so this is a birthday present to him.

while listening to the music please take time to look at this image of omega centauri.

the name "shamanic bear session" refers to a piece by the same name from the cd "Shamanic And Narrative Songs Of Siberian Arctic" which i came across while making the radio show "composing with process" with joe gilmore.

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